First Post

First Post

Hello everyone!

As you may have deduced by the website name, I’m Gabe, and I love to travel.

I work for an airline, currently in Reservations and Training. I’ve been in the industry about eight years, for a few different airlines and in a few different roles. What started as just a job quickly turned into a career, and passion, and a way of life.

It’s widely known that the best benefit of working for an airline happens to be the ability to hop on a plane and fly somewhere. In the last four years, I’ve taken full advantage of that, flying over half a million miles to 20 different countries. I average a trip somewhere every two weeks or so.

You can tell when I started working for an airline…

Being able to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice is great, but I still have to work. As a result, the vast majority of my trips are short. Whether domestic or international, I rarely average more than two days at a particular destination before heading home. What first seemed ridiculous has now become routine, and I’ve grown very used to the short trips and traveling affordably.

With that in mind, I wanted to start a blog that embraces that type of travel. I hope to post my trips here, as I love to take pictures and share my experiences with people. I also hope to incorporate advice on traveling on a budget, and making the most of short trips.

Ironically though, my first several posts here will be about my current trip, which is the exact opposite of a short trip.

You see, I’m currently about 1/3 of the way through a four month work assignment in the Philippines. When the opportunity came up earlier this year, I immediately jumped on it. Being able to live in a new country and learn about a new culture is a once in a lifetime experience.

Thus far it’s been an incredible experience and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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  1. Hi Gabe! Great website and pics! I work for Delta here in DFW…Started in 1982 in Res. in Los Angeles,,,work ACS here in DFW since 1987…I do quite a lot of travels myself,,usually a big trip to some islands in the summer with my wife and then other intl. trips by myself other times of the year when she has to work…Keep up the travel and good posts!

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