Spring on the Adriatic – Part 4: Kotor, Montenegro

Spring on the Adriatic – Part 4: Kotor, Montenegro

We got an early start the following morning to drive south to Kotor, Montenegro, located about 2 hours south of Dubrovnik. The Sheraton Dubrovnik had an excellent breakfast buffet, which we enjoyed before journeying out.

Sheraton Dubrovnik
Breakfast buffest at the Sheraton Dubrovnik

The drive to the border was uneventful but beautiful, cutting inland from the coast into the mountains.

Route Dubrovnik to Kotor
Dalmatian Coast

Crossing the border was no problem, but if you’re planning a similar trip, be sure your rental car agreement allows driving into Montenegro, as many do not allow leaving Croatia.

Crossing the border into Montenegro

Also be aware of the speed limit! Unfortunately, within 10 minutes of entering the country, I was flagged down by a police officer on the side of the road for speeding, and forced to pay a 20 Euro fine. The process to pay was a little convoluted. The officer held on to my passport and driver’s license while I drove about a kilometer up the road to a bank. I then handed over the fine as well as the paperwork the officer had given me. Unfortunately, the officer’s English wasn’t great, and it took quite some time to find the bank. Eventually I did get it all sorted out though. The officer was nice, joking it was a nice “souvenir from Montenegro!”  Thankfully it wasn’t a large fine, and we were soon on our way again to Kotor.

The last half of the drive follows the coastline of the Bay of Kotor, and is absolutely stunning. The drive is easy and slow, allowing you to take in the incredible views.

Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor

The old town of Kotor is incredibly well preserved, and it’s worth it to just walk around the alleys and take in the spectacular architecture.

Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town

The ancient upper town walls encircle the old town up in the cliffs. Sadly, we didn’t have time (or energy) to hike the walls, which afford incredible views of the bay and the city.

Walls in the cliffs

After shopping for souvenirs and enjoying some lunch, we headed back along the beautiful road to spend the afternoon and evening in Dubvronik.

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